Good Design Begins In The Heart and Mind.

You need a designer-builder as passionate and enthusiastic about your new home as you are, one who will share your vision, find ways to give you lasting value, and even successfully keep energy costs very low.  When you walk into your newly built Evan Sawyer custom home, it’s like walking into a dream come true.  The vision we create together goes way beyond a great floor plan. We go the extra mile to build enduring value into your home to create a home of unique distinction, one that truly reflects who you are.

As a design/build firm, we combine the best of time honored construction methods, used as far back as colonial times, with the latest and best technology, to build a home that exceds all your expectations and lasts for generations.

What is Building Science? 

Most builders and homeowners never think about the science of building – until it is too late. Studies have found that improper ventilation, vapor transmittal, insulation as well as structural engineering can actually effect the health of the residents and result in a costly nightmare years later. Indoor environmental quality is a mixture of the air your breathe, the lighting from indoors and outside, noise levels, and even the electromagnetic fields. All these factors contribute to our health, comfort and a sense of well being at home.!

We have developed our own set of building codes, which often exceed the government requirements. When we offer a 25-Year Structural Warranty, we commit our workmanship in advance to a higher standard. We give more importance to the structural aspects and will not compromise on the quality of materials. We are continually researching all of the new innovative materials and products to provide the best quality in every way.

We blend time-honored craftsmanship with the latest in style and technology” to build a classic home that will last for generations!

Age In Place Design

An Age-In-Place Design Specialist

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has teamed up with American Association of Retired People (AARP) and developed a  building design program that supports building standards designed to enable seniors to remain in their home throughout their maturing years.

Evan Sawyer has completed the required training to become a Certified Age in Place Specialist. As a specialist on the codes, and universal standards we address practical issues concerning access and mobility, such as wider doorways for wheelchair access and levered handles on doors, plus alarm systems for medical emergencies, just to name a few. Downstairs Master Bedrooms are standard.

We realize this is probably your last home as you finally “settle down” and you want to get it right. It would be a pleasure to design your home to meet your individual needs and budget – from the most luxurious and elaborate to the most efficient and economical!

Green Design

Our Goals in Green Design Are To Be Responsible While Committed To Practical Greeen Design.

Preserve the health of our environment

Reduce and recycle construction waste

Conserve water, energy and other natural resources

Provide healthy indoor environment for homeowner

The first step to a building a green home begins with a site evaluation. We determine how the building will best fit on the land, evaluating such variables as water and drainage; soils; passive solar potential; ability to preserve existing trees and vegetation. The building is designed and engineered to ensure that all materials are used to maximum structural and functional advantage. The finest materials are always utilized on the job and during construction and cost savings are realized when building dimensions and construction practices allow the crew to minimize waste and recycle scrap material. To maximize energy and water use efficiency in the home, our homes exceed energy standards in the local building codes for thermal insulation, heating, cooling and ventilation, as well as water saving technology. Increased attic, wall and foundation insulation, and installing high-performance windows and better doors all contribute to making the home energy conscious.

Our primary goal in green building is the health benefit of the indoor environment.  The indoor environmental quality is a mixture of the air your breathe, the lighting from indoors and outside, noise levels, and even the electromagnetic fields All these factors contribute to our health, comfort and a sense of well being at home. Bad smells, excessive noise, humming from lights or appliances, and pollutants (particles, spores, volatile gases or unburned fuel) all can lead to irritation, poorer health, reduced productivity and in extreme cases, injury or death. 

A green home is designed, constructed, and maintained to be free of unhealthy levels of indoor air pollutants — such as radon gas, excess moisture, mold and mildew, formaldehyde, passive odors, particles and dust-mite allergen — that can impact occupant health, especially allergy sufferers. Thorough ventilation techniques include a wide range of fresh-air systems that boost indoor air quality while not adding very much to energy bills. In very cold or hot/humid areas like Williamsburg, air-to-air heat recovery ventilators (heat-exchangers) provide ventilation at reduced overall energy cost and improve the air quality since fewer spores, pollen grains and less duct that gets in from outdoors. If there are allergy sufferers in the household, installing a higher efficiency air-filter element, or an electrostatic air filter device, can reduce their discomfort.  All building materials are chosen carefully to reduce any possible harmful effects on the homeowner. Low-VOC emitting construction, adhesives, finishes and paints are employed as well as low formaldehyde emitting manufactured wood products. All insulation is cellulose rather than fiberglass.

Our Green Home Package is very flexible and tailored to be practical. Homeowners can choose the total package or just select certain options that appeal to them. Our desire is to see every home built with both the external and internal environment in mind for a healthier home, healthy families, and a healthier world.

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