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We can look around Williamsburg and see the landmark homes that have lasted for decades. It’s a testament to the enduring values of this region. We are passioantely committed to building new residential landmarks that not only continue these legacy values, but will last for generations.

For many years, Warren Barnes has been Williamsburg’s only Graduate Master Builder (GMB), fully accredited with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and is committed to advancing building standards in the region. He named the company Evan Sawyer, after two of his five sons, to make a bold statement of steadfast dedication to the highest standards of performance. Warren has a singular focus on delivering the finest product in the marketplace with designs alive to the moment but drawing warmhearted inspiration from the past. He has been responsible for bringing a European/Old World flair into the area, and seeks to bring back styles of homes full of character and detail.

Warren is not an “armchair builder” and you won’t always find Warren at the drawing table or in the office. We keep the number of homes limited so he can be involved, on the site and see it come to life. From start to finish Warren is hands on, always completely involved and accessible in the project… and ready to implement all the ongoing changes that make custom building custom! Warren has found something he truly loves to do and built a passionate career around it.

It’s like having a builder and an architect in one.

Like most builders, Evan Sawyer Master Builder has many plans you can begin with to form your ideas. However if you would like a “one of kind” designer home, you have come to the right place. Warren has received local and national attention for his innovative home designs. Rather than trailing along behind the fashion of the day, he aspires to bring back the style of homes that are full of character and detailing. Old World designs incorporate stone and aged brick. Graceful Georgian homes have simplistic lines with jack arches and water tables. Colonial Homes are embellished with intricate cornice work and creative dormers. Warren guarantees that he won’t build another home with the same elevations ­ each one is “designer original”

Once the exterior has been decided, the interior floor plan is like a blank canvas- the possibilities are endless. We know our clients have typically spent years planning and dreaming about the unique enhancements they desire in their home. They have a definite idea of what they want and what they don’t want. Once the decision to build a home has been made, consciously and unconsciously the homeowner becomes a co-designer. They imagine how much more convenient the kitchen would be if it were larger or arranged differently, how luxurious the bathroom would be with double sinks or a multi-jet shower, the bonus room could be a state-of-the-art home theater or a great home office with a separate entrance. At Evan Sawyer, we welcome your creativity and ideas — your dream sketches, magazine clippings, and wish lists — to begin the creative process to actually see your dream come to life.

“With Warren’s vision, experience, and eye for beauty, he and his team build some of the finest homes I’ve ever seen, as well as cost and time efficient. This level of beauty and excellence, can only be affordable when orchestrated by a master.”

Bobby Farino, Keller Williams Realtors

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